Resources for New Instructors in the UW Colleges


  • The UW Colleges offers a New Faculty Orientation in the early fall. (The 2012 New Faculty Orientation will be held in Madison on Friday, September 21.)  Contact UWC Professional Development Coordinator Asif Habib for details.
  • Each campus offers an orientation for new instructional academic staff.  Contact your campus's Associate Dean for details.
    • UW-Marshfield Associate Dean Julie Tharp's "Teaching Orientation" PowerPoint, adaptable to any campus.

Quick UWC Links: Getting to Know the UW Colleges

  • Familiarize yourself with the UW Colleges Select Mission and Goals. It's why we're all here. 
  • Click on a campus on this map of the UW Colleges' 13 campuses to visit their individual websites.
  • The UWC Office of Academic Affairs publishes an annual Fact Book, which will give you snapshot data about our students, your colleagues, and each campus.
  • Find your department's website.
  • The UW Colleges Libraries have put together excellent resources for supporting research and teaching.  See their extensive libguide here.
  • Every institution has specific policies and procedures governing academic misconduct. Here is the UW Colleges' Academic Misconduct Guide for Instructors.
  • Each campus will have local resources for students with disabilities, but the UW Colleges also provides this Student Accessibility Services Handbook.
  • Questions about assessment?  Visit the UWC Assessment website, or contact the UWC Assessment Coordinator and/or your department's Assessment Coordinator.
  • Instructors handle confidential information about students, so familiarize yourself with FERPA, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, which outlines students' rights with respect to their records.
  • For information and instructional technology needs, go to the UWC IT page. (Tip: if you click on the "Service Catalog" menu, and then select "Learning Tools & Services" from the "Service Categories" from the menu on the right, you'll be able to login to retrieve a Photo Roster for your courses.  You may also order a D2L site for your course and access other resources here.)
  • You'll need to access some UWC Senate policies and documents, available online.
    • Senate Institutional Policy #104: Course and Instructional Policies with policies about absences, requirements for syllabi, final exams, etc.  
    • Institutional Assessment Rosters: Gregg Nettesheim will send everyone an email with access instructions when the semester's assessment rosters are ready.  
    • Faculty/IAS Handbook: The current handbook is five years old, so the link will be included here when there's an accurate and up-to-date Handbook available.

Quick Links: Teaching Fundamentals

The list below is far from comprehensive, but it will get you started and would be most useful in a campus-based discussion to share and gather strategies for a single topic.