In addition to offering programs each semester in the form of podcasts, workshops, and reading circles, the VTLC will provide the following teaching and learning resources.  

Recommended Technology for VTLC Interactions & Feedback

To fully enjoy the VTLC content and interact with your UWC colleagues, go to this page to sign up for a very simple technology called VoiceThread.  Give it a try!

White Papers

While not traditional white papers (they are neither white nor on paper), these materials will very briefly summarize significant concepts in teaching and learning, point you to high-quality resources that more thoroughly explain the concepts, and provide citations for further study, reflection, and/or discussion.  

Collegial Consulting Services

If you would like a consultation to work on some aspect of your teaching, please contact the VTLC Director Jen Heinert at  If she cannot serve as a resource, she will attempt to find someone who will.  These consultations will remain confidential, unless you specify otherwise.


This page will provide information about programs, grants, and other professional development opportunities related to teaching and learning.

UWC Showcase

This page will highlight teaching and learning movers, shakers, and innovators around the UW Colleges.