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A Workshop on Engaged Learning (Fall 2011)

Join Nancy Chick (Professor of English), Rebecca Abler (Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, UW-Manitowoc), and Rick Hein (Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, UW-Manitowoc) in this workshop as they offer an introduction to the concept of engaged learning, outline some strategies for engaging students in the classroom, and consider its implications in specific learning environments and disciplines, notably the STEM fields.  

The three-week workshop begins here on October 31.
Click the link below for the appropriate week.


Read a few useful and usable definitions of engagement, some approaches that can foster engagement, and some initial arguments about why teaching for engagement matters.

Week Two (Nov 7+): Specific Challenges with Engagement
Review some of the barriers and implications facing specific learning environments and disciplines and some principles of effectively engaging students in these contexts.

Learn from an example of successful engagement from UW-Manitowoc involving experiential learning and undergraduate research.