Teaching At-Risk Students Workshop

Week 2:  Identify Academic Success Strategies for Underprepared College Learners
Step 1:  The Transition to Independent College Learning

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Adapting to the demands of college coursework is often challenging for underprepared students not necessarily because they lack content 

knowledge but because they also have not yet developed the crucial academic skills and strategies that are required for becoming independent college learners.

Review this handout on the transition to independent learning for an overview of the distinctions between high school and college expectations for reading, writing, time management, homework, and test-taking.

Pause for Reflection

After you review these differences, stop for a minute and think about the following questions: 

  • In what ways do your classes match the expectations outlined for college-level learning? 
  • Are there features of your courses that build on the kinds of learning that students did in high school? 
  • What features of your courses require students to apply independent learning skills that are significantly different from their high school learning?