A Workshop on Course Design: 
Using "Backwards Design" to Create Effective Courses

Are you designing a new course or revising one you have taught before? How have you learned to design courses?  Have you ever felt as though you have great training and expertise in your content area and discipline, but not as much as how to design a course to teach that expertise effectively?  If you have ever pondered these questions, you may find the following workshop on course design helpful.

Workshop Goals
  • Articulate course outcomes and learning goals for a course (or portion of a course).
  • Design a course or a portion of a course that meets those goals and assesses student learning.
  • Develop a plan for an effective and rigorous course (or portion of a course).

Timeline for Course Design Workshop

How They Work

The geographical distribution of the campuses of the UW Colleges and the workloads of our faculty and IAS make face-to-face and even traditional online workshops a challenge, so the workshop each semester will span several weeks, so participants can complete activities on their own time.

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