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Recommended Technology

Google Sites (the platform for the VTLC) doesn't offer a discussion thread option, so we'll be using VoiceThread, a common interactive tool that's just now catching on in the UW Colleges.  Give it a try!

If you'd like to interact from your computer with the specific content or with your colleagues of any of the VTLC programs or white paper, I encourage you to try your hand (and possibly voice) at a new and simple technology called VoiceThread.  It will be a wonderful option for interacting with your colleagues across the UW Colleges as you respond to specific VTLC content.    
  1. Go to http://voicethread.com/, click "Sign In or Register" (see circled area in graphic to the right), and create an account using your @uwc.edu email address as your login.  Upload a picture, if possible.  (VoiceThread will keep prompting you to do that because of the visual nature of the program.)  Then, you'll be able to leave feedback (video, voice, typed, or uploaded doc) on some of the VTLC activities.   (Please enter your full name, so we all know who's leaving feedback!)
  2. Then, turn up the sound on your computer, and try this test of listening to and using VoiceThread.  First, you will need to register (again, see #1 above and graphic to the right).  Don't be afraid!