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Questions for Reflective Practice - How Learning Works

1)      Which of the seven principles of student learning did you find most helpful for increasing student learning?  Why?

2)      Which principle stood out to you the most?  Why?

3)      Which of the principles were you already using in your courses (even without knowing it)?  Which are you not using? 

4)      Which of the principles seem the least relevant for your practice of teaching?  Why? 

5)      How do the ideas in this book relate to your own ideas about student learning?  Do they confirm or challenge them?  For example, how does this relate to the information about “learning styles” and “types of learners” research on pedagogy you may have encountered?

6)      What do students say about what they learn in your courses (on evaluations or elsewhere)?  Does their chief praise and/or complaint relate to any of the seven principles of student learning?

7)      What may have the authors left out?  In your experience or research, are there other key factors or principles that affect student learning not included in this book?

8)      What big idea about teaching and learning do you take away from the book that’s most relevant to your work, and how will you apply it to your own practice of teaching?