Practice at home can greatly help your student in school. At times during the year there will be work sent home from school. This will be noted on the homework sheet.
    In the event that no homework is sent home, please practice with your student. We highly encourage the repetition and practice of skills such as sight words, spelling words, reading questions, and math facts.
    For the reading questions, it is encouraged that questions are asked from a book, magazine, or even comic that your student enjoys. Questions can be asked from a small sentence or a short paragraph.
    To the right are additional websites and practice that may be beneficial to your students. These websites allow for students to access different interests. Whether it is figuring out how things work like cars or plants, or just practicing math facts and reading words; interests in certain topics allows for your student to learn!



NSE Spartans

Turtle Diary - Short stories to read, along with games, quizzes, and more

Scholastic – Listen and Read activities, writing activities, and more
ABCya! – Word, Math, and Skill games

Math Playground - Skill Based Practice

Math Games - Skill Based Practice

Math Facts Pro - Math Fact Practice

Addition Flashcards (pdf version)
Subtraction Flashcards (pdf version)
Fact Monster – Facts and Trivia
Cool Math 4 Kids – Math games and Brain teasers
Starfall – Reading and Math skills
Time for Kids – Articles on current events
National Geographic Kids – Information from history to animals