Mrs.Wintersteller's Kindergarten Classroom


Mission Statement

 "We come to school to Learn"  We are a community of learners.  We will be strive to be an "Everyday Hero" 

Special Schedule

A  Physical Education
B  Music/Library
C  Art/Physical Education
D  Library
E  Art/Music

Upcoming School Events

October 21             Picture Re-Takes
October 29             Fall Festival at 1:15
November 11          Veteran's Day Celebration
November 23          Interim Sent Home
November 24-26      No School
December 1           Holiday Shop
December 20-         No School
January 2 

Kindergarten Learning

Here are just a few "I can" statements we are working on in room 107.  
I can use my pictures to figure out an unknow word.
I can use my "pointer finger" to match my words in a book.
I can go back and "try again" when reading a sentence that doesn't match my finger
I can draw a story that has 5 things in with at least 5 colors.
I can think of something to write about.
I can count to 20.
I can write my numbers 1-10
I can understand and use a graph with support.
I can count to find the bigger and smaller number in a set.
Science/Social Studies/Health
I can ask "what if" questions.
I can make a good predictions based on information.
I can draw pictures to explain what I see.
I can tell the difference between the past and present.
I can name some holidays and their meaning.
I can make good choices for my body.