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Here is a peek as to what we have been doing in our classroom! 
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Reading, Writing, 
Word Study, & Phonics
Phonics - Songs of the Week

Check out last year's poetry voice threads!

Practice your word study here:

Here they can access their group's word study words and play fun games with them. If you would like to access this from home, follow these steps:

Go to www.spellingcity.com, Click “Find A List”, search Weaver202 as our User Name, Click search, click my name "Abby Weaver", and our school should show up. Students can then choose their colored list and access their words.

Please continue working with your child at home on:
Fast Math Flash Card Facts
Practice your fast facts here: 

Counting coins and giving change.
Telling time to the 10, 5, and 1 minute intervals.

For a challenge try counting and writing numbers beyond 1000!

Science, Social Studies,
& Health

If it is under 60 degrees outside, students in Mrs. Weaver's class 
must wear a jacket out to recess. 
Please dress for the weather!