Jefferson Elementary School Music

Here's what we are doing...
The kindergarten students are working on learning new songs and chants.  The specific skills they are working on include comparing fast/slow, high/low, and loud/soft.

First grade skills include beat, accent, rhythm patterns, higher and lower pitches (sol and mi), and identifying when songs are sung "in a higher place" and when "in a lower place." 
Second grade skills include ties and the half note, 6/8 meter, 4/4 meter, singing songs in solfa (sol, mi, re, and do) and showing hand signs.
Third grade skills include using standard musical terms for rhythm durations (quarter note, eight note, and half note), singing and signing songs in solfa using the basic pentatonic scale, and singing low la and low sol in songs.

Fourth and fifth grade skills include reading sixteenth notes, dotted rhythm patterns, and singing, signing, and playing songs using solfa.
Visit this great web site about
"The President's Own"
United States Marine Band:
It has great music and many interesting facts presented in a virtual tour of the White House.  There are even pages for you to print and color!
Here are a few more places to check: