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Discipline Plan


In order to guarantee an excellent learning climate for every student in my classroom, I will be using the following discipline plan.  It is my belief that every student can behave appropriately, both inside and outside the classroom.  Therefore, I will tolerate no student whose behavior stops me from teaching and/or any student from learning.


CLASS RULES (posted in classroom and discussed with students)

Students will:


1)      respect others and their property, being polite, honest, and safe at all times.


2)      listen attentively and speak when it is appropriate


3)      demonstrate self-control in words and actions.


4)      be responsible and make good choices.


5)      follow all directions the first time they are given.


6)      come to class prepared with all necessary materials and any assignments due.


I use a color-coded card system to track any necessary consequences that result from inappropriate behavior.  Any student who does not display acceptable behavior will be asked to simply “take a card”.  (All cards are initially arranged in the same order:  green, blue, yellow, and red.)  The student will take the first visible card from the chart and immediately record on it the reason for the occurrence, along with the date.  The color of the card determines the next step:


            GREEN – This is a warning card with no further consequences.


BLUE – Pulling this card will result in consequences such as:  conference with teacher; moving desk to another location; partial loss of recess; writing a letter of explanation to be shared with a parent, or any appropriate combination that fits the situation.


YELLOW – Pulling this card will result in a phone call to a parent.


RED – Pulling this card will result in an office visit with Mrs. Erhard.  She will then assign necessary consequences.


A)    Cards will be set back to green at the end of each week.  The teacher reserves the right to lengthen the “set back” time as the year progresses.


B)     If a student receives three green card warnings during a grading period, the green card will be lost (meaning no more warnings).


C)    The teacher reserves the right to eliminate green cards anytime during the second semester.


D)    As always, any severe behavior incident will bypass the card system and be referred directly to Mrs. Erhard.


E)     Assignments will be handled outside of the card system.  If an assignment is missing or incomplete, the student will have to use his/her own time to complete the assignment.  S/he will also lose points for each day the assignment is late.  Parents will be contacted if any unacceptable pattern begins to develop.


F)     Students who choose to follow the rules and complete all assignments on time will be rewarded.