Graduate Profile

Gahanna-Jefferson Graduate Profile

I can!


We educate each student to become a global citizen who is serious about learning, is appreciative of the arts, is culturally aware of social issues, and is sensitive to the diversity among us.  As a global citizen, a Gahanna-Jefferson student will be:


A Responsible Community Member

  • I can work responsibly.
  • I can respect myself, others, and the environment.
  • I can appreciate the differences in others.
  • I can show character traits and set goals.
  • I can serve my community (I can help others).
  • I can make healthy choices.


A Collaborative Team Member

  • I can respect others’ ideas.
  • I can work with others and lead when needed.
  • I can change my mind when I learn and do new things.
  • I can be passionate about what I believe in (I can stand by my beliefs).


A Comprehensive Problem Solver  

  • I can think creatively on my own.
  • I can find people or resources to help me.
  • I can create a plan for different situations.
  • I can check my plan and decide what to do next.


An Effective Communicator

  • I can be a focused listener.
  • I can be a quality writer.
  • I can speak to different audiences.
  • I can gather and understand information.


A Proficient Technology User

  • I can creatively use different technology.
  • I can use technology responsibly and honestly.
  • I can choose technology and information that will help me achieve my goals.



A means to the Graduate Profile:


Each student will receive a rigorous academic foundation in English, mathematics, science, social studies, economics, foreign language, fine arts, speech, technology applications, physical and health education and optional courses.  Each student will be able to pursue educational opportunities relevant to individual interests.  The relationships the student develops with peers, staff and community members throughout the GJ journey will support the transition from student to global citizen.