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Here is a math dictionary site:


Want some help with math concepts? Check out these sights. The product game is a fun way to practice facts while competing against your child.

Number, Number Sense and Operations



Patterns, Functions and Algebra 

Data Analysis and Probability

 Elasped Time Tangrams Number Patterns #1 

Weight and Problem Solving

Base Ten Decimals Area Area Number Pattern #2

Interactive Spinner

Find the Difference

Perimeter Perimeter  Triominoes Probability
Decimals Conversion Calculator

Mean, Median and Mode

 Fifteen Puzzle Fill and Pour


Conversion Chart


Hangman Rounding

Conversion Calculator


Multiplication Table #1 

The World of Measurement

Multiplication Table #2
The Product Game

Math Glossary

Math Dictionary

Online Calculator

Want some help with science concepts? You  might want to check out the Physical Science sights for Tuesday, November 4th. 

Earth and Space



Science and Technology

Sun and Moon Data Interdependence and Adaptation  Curcuits and Conducts  The Impact of Humans
Moon Calendar            Food Chain  Changing Sounds  Optical Illusions
Earth Viewer Photosynthesis Sound Science Fair Central
Earth, Moon and Sun  What is a ecosystem? Using Electricity
Earth, Sun, Moon   Electricity 
Cycles in Nature   Circuits and Conductors

Want some help with Touch Typing?

Touch Typing