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    Classroom Update:
    Contemporary Literature students are reading novels focusing on Societal Issues.  Students will be writing a research analysis essay on an issue within their novel.


    Speech is currently working on studying persuasive speaking.  Students will be focusing on an issue of social injustice for their speech.

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    A Day                                                                      B Day                           
    Period 1: Speech (H151)                                                   Period 1: Speech (H151)
    Period 2: Conference                                                    Period 2: Conference
    Period 3: Speech (H151)                                                   Period 3: Speech (H151)
    Period 4: Lunch                                                                  Period 4: Lunch
    Block 3: Contemporary Lit. (C222)                                
    Period 7: Travel                                                                    
    Period 8: Speech (H155)                                                 Period 8: Speech (H155)

    My Classes...

    Contemporary Literature
    Contemporary Lit is a senior-level semester long course focused on contemporary American literature.  Students will read a variety of novels over the course of the semester as well as completing unit projects.

    Speech is semester long course required for graduation where students will learn to become effective 21st Century communicators.  Students will be working on various projects and presentations over the course of the semester. 
    Class Schedule / Due Dates...
    Senior Project:  Click here for the Senior Project Handbook and Documents.
     Contemporary Literature:   Click here for Contemporary Literature calendar and assignments.
     **Please calendar in the "calendar and assignments" link for due dates**
     Advanced Composition:  Click here for Senior Advanced Composition assignments & documents.

    Speech:   Click here for Speech assignments and notes.
    Monday 4.7-Friday 4.11:
    Find sources, develop outline, and create visual aid for Persuasion speech
    Monday 4.14-Thursday 4.17:
    Persuasive speech presentations