Phoenix Class

Welcome to our 2016-2017 Phoenix Class

Goals for April:

  • Tell preferences in colors, food and drinks, activities.
  • Review and reinforce topics of weather, activities, calendar, food and drinks, utensils.
  • Prepare a skit about "dining in a restaurant" for Final Performance.

Goals for March:

  • Order food and drinks in a restaurant.
  • Count money.
  • Name, count and request utensils.

Goals for February:

  • Name various foods and drinks.
  • Say what one wants to eat and drink.
  • Request or inquire about food or drinks to a family/friend.

Goals for January:

  • Name extracurricular activities and sports.
  • Say one's favorite activities and sports.
  • Invite a friend to join an activity/sport.

Goals for November and December:

  • Say grade level.
  • Describe weather and name seasons.
  • Tell one's Chinese class schedule.

Goals for October:

  • Tell date and time.
  • Identify pets and to name one's pets with number.
  • Describe one's clothes with colors.

Goals for September:
  • Introduce yourself and family/friend's names, age, nationalities.
  • Identify countries and languages.

今天星期几? Jīntiān XīngqīJǐ? 

Monday ---  Xīngqī yī星期一
Tuesday---- Xīngqī èr  星期二
Wednesday-- Xīngqī sān  星期三
Thursday---- Xīngqī sì 星期四
Friday------- Xīngqī wǔ  星期五
Saturday----- Xīngqī liù 星期六
Sunday ------ Xīngqī tiān 星期天