Phoenix Class

2017-2018 Phoenix Class (4th Grade)

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to 2017-2018 Phoenix Class!

My name is Hui Chen. You can call me Lilly. I am the teacher of this Phoenix class.

I was born in and grew up in China.  I am a certified Chinese teacher in Ohio and have been teaching Chinese for more than ten years in different settings. Before 2017, I taught Chinese at a private K-12 school. Since 2013, my students have participated in and gotten excellent performances with top awards at the annual Ohio K-12th Chinese Speech and Essay Contest. We made our best show through the teamwork of students, parents and teacher. I enjoy teaching!

I am married and have two sons. My husband, Max, is working for the Ohio Department of Education. My sons, Alex and Frank, were both born in Nashville, Tennessee. Both of them graduated from OSU and are working in central Ohio.

We all love Ohio!

This is my first year teaching Chinese at Gahanna-Jefferson public school district! I am excited to work with and learn from you and your students. In this class students will learn Chinese through cultural activities and experiences. In past two weeks, we focused on building up a solid foundation of a healthy and friendly learning environment to encourage each student to be a self motivated learner and responsible person. We practiced how to work hard to earn Chinese money (fake but can buy things from my treasure box); we made a behavior chart; we practiced how to follow our classroom rules and made sure to understand the consequences clearly. Last Friday, we played a game of "Simon says" in Chinese. In this game all key words were related to the classroom expressions, instructions, and rules, such as listen, look, walk, run, raise hand, speak, stand up, sit down. I found that most of the students have already mastered them. I am not only very proud of the students' collabrative hard work but also grateful for support from the parents, teachers and school! On Friady, we also started a new theme of Mid- Autumn Festival. We are going to act out the play of Chang E Ben Yue ( Chang E flew to Moon) on the first week of October.

Through the school year, we will have more exciting activities and projects.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to email me at, or call me at (614) 873 4978. Your support is great appreciated! Together, we can help our students reach their potential of learning.

I am looking forward to a fantastic year of learning Chinese!

Objectives for September:
  • Introduce yourself and family/friend's names, age, nationalities.
  • Identify countries and languages.

今天星期几? Jīntiān XīngqīJǐ? 

Monday ---  Xīngqī yī星期一
Tuesday---- Xīngqī èr  星期二
Wednesday-- Xīngqī sān  星期三
Thursday---- Xīngqī sì 星期四
Friday------- Xīngqī wǔ  星期五
Saturday----- Xīngqī liù 星期六
Sunday ------ Xīngqī tiān 星期天

Goals for October:

  • Be able to tell date and time
  • Be able to identify pets and to name one's pets with number
  • Be able to describes one's clothes with colors
  • Culture: Mid-Autumn Festival
  • Characters: 家, 衣,白

October 4th was Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, also called "Moon Festival". It is a Chinese style Thanksgiving and the second biggest holiday in China.The fourth grade class celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival by watching the video of legend, tasting Wulong tea, and acting out the play of Chang E Flew to the Moon.