Phoenix Class

Welcome to our 2015-2016Phoenix Class

Learning goals on September:
          (1)  Students are able to say some country's name, for example: America & American;  Canada &Canadian; china & Chinese;

          (2)  Students are able to say: eye, ear, nose, mouth, hand in Chinese. They also can express the feeling on " I am not           comfortable, I am headache, I am stomachache......"

          (3)  Students are able to count 1-100;
          (4)  Students are able to use different verbs on five sensory, for example: eye-----look, chinese
          (5)  We learned the story about the Chinese moon festival.

Learning goals on October:

  (1) We reviewed Chinese calendar & time;

  (2) Students are able to  say what say is tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, today, yesterday in Chinese;

  (3) Students are able to make a sentence with "like", "love", "have";

  (4) Students are able to say colors in Chinese;

  (5) we learned family members & pets. Students are able to name their pets with number;

  (6) students are able to say clothing, and also can tell what kind of clothing they like.

                                               We are celebrating the Chinese New Year