Phoenix Class

                                                         2017-2018 Phoenix Class (4th Grade)

 Welcome to a new school year! My name is Yue Cui, the instructor of the Mandarin class in Blacklick Elementary School. I am so happy that I can work and learn with your kids in my class this year.

In this class, we attempt to integrate fun, Mandarin learning, and Chinese cultural authenticity together, to maintain students’ interest and engage them in the classroom activities. Rewarding and encouragement would be the main classroom management strategies to motivate your kids to be the one whom they want to be by working hard. However, we also would make the consequences clear to our kids so they are aware of their own responsibilities in class - being a nice friend, good learner and respectful student.

For the 4th grade “Phoenix” Chinese class, we have several highlights that I believe your kids are will be excited about. Every class, we will have a 中国通(zhong guo tong /Chinese Master)tag that they are voluntary to wear. In this class, wearing that tag means that our kids have to speak Chinese or as much as they can. However, if they keep speaking English without trying to use the target language(they can ask me how to say a certain word in Chinese), or they have some inappropriate behavior to their class when they have the tag on, then I have to take the tag away.  If they do a great job in their Chinese Master, they can get a sticker that day on their passport. Then we also have a section of the class called “ Word of the Day”. Each word we learn every day is quite frequently-used or funny in the Chinese speaking context. So our kids can use their target language as often as they can.

You will receive emails one or two weeks ahead of some “big” class projects/days, so you and your kids could be more prepared. We also are happy to see your passionate support to your kids behind their project presentation.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me via I am more than willing to help your kids and you.


Yue Cui

Chinese Instructor

Blacklick Elementary School 

Zhong  qiu    jie

中   秋  节

Tradition of Mid-Autumn Festival

Learning resources:


jiā                                                                                                                     yī                                    bái
家   (home/family)         衣 (clothing)              白(white)

Learning resources:

Family Members


Objectives for September:
  • Introduce yourself and family/friend's names, age, nationalities.
  • Identify countries and languages.

 Topics  for October 

  • Family members & Pets
  • Colors &Clothing
  • Chinese 4 tones practices
Learning Topics for November
  • School Schedule (example: I have Chinese class on Monday;  I don't have math class on Tuesday)

                                      Happy Chinese New Year!

  Blacklick Elementary School

Welcome to the year of Dog! We have celebrated with our kids by creating various lessons and activities for different grades so kids can be offered a better and suitable access to Chinese culture.

Phoenix Class: 5 important Chinese New year Customs &Tr


In the celebration week, Phoenix class made them ancient coin key chains or bracelets with red rope. Chinese calligraphy was also a part of the celebration for our kids to create their own lucky decoration for the Chinese New Year. The interesting Chinese new year traditions such as watching New Year Eve’ gala, having New Year meals, and bowing to seniors were shared with our kids too for knowledge and fun.

Topics of February:   Food

Key Vocabulary:

Guǒ zhī

果 汁 = Juice

Kě lè

可 乐 = Coke

Bǐng gān

饼 干 = Cookies

Jiǎo zi

饺 子 = Dumplings

Mǐ fàn

米 饭 = Rice

Miàn tiáo

面 条 = Noodles

Hàn bǎo bāo

汉 堡 包 = Hamburger

Shǔ tiáo

薯 条 = French Fries

Zhá jī

炸 鸡 = Fried Chicken

Ji rou

鸡 肉 = Chicken

zhu rou

猪 肉 = Pork

yang rou

羊 肉 = lamb

Niu rou 牛 肉 = beef


鱼 = Fish

video +songs:

Target Sentence:

Ni yao chi shen me?
你 要 吃 什 么? = What do you want to eat?
Ni yao he shen me?
你 要 喝 什么 ? = What do you want to drink?

I am not hungry =       Wo   bu   e.
                                     我     不  饿。
I am not thirsty   =       Wo bu kou ke.
                                     我    不   口  渴。

Please  give  me water.    =   Qing gei wo shui. 
                                                 请     给    我   水。

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