Panda Class

Welcome to Panda Chinese Class (2nd Grade)


Dear parents,

Welcome to a new school year (2017-2018) of the Panda Class! My name is Yue Cui, the instructor of the Mandarin class in Blacklick Elementary School.

In this class, we attempt to integrate fun, Mandarin learning, and Chinese cultural authenticity together, to maintain students’ interest and engage them in the classroom activities. Rewarding and encouragement would be the main classroom management strategies to motivate our kids to be the one whom they want to be by working hard. However, we also would make the consequences clear to our kids so they are aware of their own responsibilities in class - being a nice friend, good learner and respectful student.

For our 2nd graders, “Panda” Chinese class, I have two class highlights to share with you. To “wake up” our kids, we will do a 2 minute morning exercises with the catchy Chinese songs before learning the content. Numbers like 一二三(1,2,3,) and simple instructions like 转身(zhuan shen/turnaround), 挥手(hui shou/ wave your hands) will be used in each morning exercise. So students can pick up those simple Chinese in this daily immersion. Then we also have a section of the class called “ Word of the Day”. Each word we learn every day is the quite frequently used in the Chinese speaking, and it is simple too. So our kids can use their target language as often as possible.

You will receive emails one or two weeks ahead of some “big” class projects/days, so you and your kids could be more prepared. We also are happy to see your passionate support to your kids behind their project presentation.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me via I am more than willing to help your kids and you.


Yue Cui

Chinese teacher

Blacklick Elementary School

First Day of the Chinese Class ---Our New Friend 波波(bo bo)

First Day Panda

Numbers 1-10 & Gestures

September Goal

1. Students are able to count from 1 to 10

Zhong  qiu    jie

中   秋  节

Tradition of Mid-Autumn Festival

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