Daily Assignments

NOTE:  All dates and assignments are subject to change based on student understanding and other unforeseen circumstances!
Wednesday, March 4th -- Stamina Day, Review and Practice due at end of class, Quiz Friday except 6th period (see Thursday
Thursday, March 5th -- Graphing Quadratics without a table, Skills p. 27-29  
                                                ***6th period will get their quiz for take-home -- to be turned in before school tomorrow***
Friday, March 6th -- Quiz: Solving Quadratic Equations     2nd and 4th periods have about 35 minutes of class
                                                                                              6th period has no class; 4th period has a 90-minute class
                                    AIM Science Test 12:45 to 2:15, 8th grade only
Monday, March 9th -- Stretching Your Skills, Applications WB p. 1-4    ***Choose your partners for the test.***
                                                                                                                ***You may work alone or in a group of no more than 3.***
                                   PARCC ELA, Part 1, 7th graders only
Tuesday, March 10th -- Continue yesterday's lesson; 7th graders pick up the Skills Review
                                    PARCC ELA, Part 1, 8th graders only
Wednesday, March 11th -- Quadratic Skills Review (no 7th graders in class today)
                                    PARCC ELA, Part 2, 7th graders only
Thursday, March 12th -- Finish Skills Review and begin test.  Test due by the end of class Friday.
                                    PARCC ELA, Part 3 (7th grade), Part 2 (8th grade)
Friday, March 13th -- Finish group test, due by the end of class.
                                    PARCC ELA, Part 3, 8th graders only
Math 8                                                                                                  
Wednesday, March 4th -- Taking a Term to a Power, pages 4-5
Thursday, March 5th -- Division of Exponents, pages 6-7
Friday, March 6th -- Negative Exponents, pages 8-9, Review and Practice due at end of class Tuesday
                                    AIM Science Test 12:45 to 2:15
Monday, March 9th -- Mixed Practice, page 10
Tuesday, March 10th -- (class meets for 1 hr, 45 min)  Tutorial on using the computer for testing, Stamina time,
                                      Review and Practice due by the end of class, Take-home quiz due tomorrow
                                 PARCC ELA, Part 1
Wednesday, March 11th -- PARCC practice items #1-9, work in groups
Thursday, March 12th -- Answer questions about PARCC problems 1-9; work in groups on #10-18
                                 PARCC ELA, Part 2
Friday, March 13th -- No 3rd period today
                               PARCC ELA, Part 3