Daily Assignments

NOTE:  All dates and assignments are subject to change based on student understanding and other unforeseen circumstances!

April 28th-May 1st project guidelines -- Decide on your adventure by Thursday, April 30th.  Have an outline by
                                                                    Monday, May 4th. 
Week of Monday, May 4th through Friday, May 8th --  Outline should be done by Monday, 5/4 
                                                                               First two problems should be written by Wednesday, 5/6 
                                                                               First two problems should be typed and polished by Friday, 5/8
 Math 8                                                       
Thursday and Friday, April 30th and May 1st -- Comparing Cylinders and Cones, pages 9-11
                                                                                                    Review and Practice due Monday, May 11th    
Monday, May 4th -- No regular classes due to PARCC language arts test
Tuesday, May 5th -- Ice Cream Cone task
Wednesday and Thursday, May 6th and 7th -- Comparing Cylinders and Cones, pages 13-16
                                                                        PARCC Math Weds a.m. and Thursday p.m.
Friday, May 8th -- No 8th grade classes, Shadowing Day
Monday, May 11th -- Stamina Day, Review and Practice due by the end of class
Tuesday, May 12th -- Swimming Pool Task