Instrument Upgrade Information

Below is a list of various items that are valuable for upgrading your instrument or increasing your skills.  Take a look! . . .
New Strings
Strings should be changed every 6 months for peak tone production and quality. If it has been longer than a year, new strings are STRONGLY encouraged. Dominant, Corelli, Helicore – prices vary according to instrument. Eva Pirazzi or Obbligato, higher end.  

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Shoulder Rests
Kun: Violin $30, Viola $40
Bon Musica: Violin $45, Viola $50

Tuners / Metronomes
This equipment is highly recommended as students become more advanced and learning to tune their own instruments.  While one can spend a lot of money on these items, you can find tuners, metronomes and metronome/tuner combinations at reasonable prices, from $20 to $40.  We recommend Korg or Seiko brands.

Bow Re-Hairing
Similar to strings, re-hairing the bow enhanced the overall tone of the instrument and removes excess rosin build up on the strings. Cost:  $40.  You can also get colored hair or combinations of colors just for fun!
Audio Recordings 
Nothing helps to excite a young player more than hearing a quality performer on their instrument. Here are some suggested recordings/ performers!

Yo-Yo Ma and Friends, Holiday

Joshua Bell at Home with Friends, popular

Appalachian Waltz & Appalachian Journey

Edgar Meyer, double bass

Hilary Hahn, violin

            Itzhak Perlman, violin

Mark O’Connor, fiddler

Holiday Sheet Music
Check out this site for ideas:  Southwest Strings catalog for Christmas & Hanukkah