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Math Websites

College Prepatory Mathematics (CPM) is the main resource being used in class this year.  They have online homework help, extra practice problems and a parent guide to the materials.  Here are the directions to find the material.
1.) Go to cpm.org.
2.) Under the "Student Support" section, click "Homework Help".
3.) Select the course (Math 8 choose "Core Connections Course 3", Honors Geometry choose "Core Connections Geometry".)
4.) Select the chapter and then the problem you need help with.
There are also extra practice problems under the "Student Support" section and a Parent Guide under the "Parent Support" section of the homepage.
These are some additional websites you can go to for help, extra practice, or just to play games.

Aplus Math - Practice basic skills and play games!

XP Math - A great website with games that reinforce math skills!

GCalc - An online graphing calculator.

Ask Dr. Math - Have a math question?  Email someone that can help!

Khan Academy - Watch videos explaining how to do many common types of math problems!

Cool Math - An excellent math games website!

Free Rice - Practice math problems!  For every answer you get correct, freerice.com donates 10 grains of rice the the United Nations Food Program to help end hunger!

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