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Math Websites

College Prepatory Mathematics (CPM) is the main resource being used in class this year.  They have online homework help, extra practice problems and a parent guide to the materials.  Here are the directions to find the material.
1.) Go to cpm.org.
2.) Select the course (Math 8 choose "Core Connections Course 3", Algebra choose "Core Connections Algebra", Honors Geometry choose "Core Connections Geometry".)
3.) Choose the option you would like.  There is access to homework help, a Parent Guide with extra practice problems, videos and more!
These are some additional websites you can go to for help, extra practice, or just to play games.

Kuta Software - A great resource with lots of questions when you need some extra practice!

Desmos Graphing Calculator - A great, free online graphing calculator!

Aplus Math - Practice basic skills and play games!

XP Math - A great website with games that reinforce math skills!

Ask Dr. Math - Have a math question?  Email someone that can help!

Khan Academy - Watch videos explaining how to do many common types of math problems!

Cool Math - An excellent math games website!

Free Rice - Practice math problems!  For every answer you get correct, freerice.com donates 10 grains of rice the the United Nations Food Program to help end hunger!

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