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How Teachers Can Help the Child with Articulation Errors



Encourage the child who goes to speech class to feel that it is a privilege.


Try not to introduce new or important activities while the child is out of the

classroom for speech therapy.


Confer frequently with the speech / language pathologist to keep up on the

child’s progress, and to get specific suggestions on how to help him in the



Let the child know that you are aware of his activities is speech class and that

you are interested in helping him.


If the child cannot make a particular sound and is still in the ear training phase

of therapy, call attention to the words that contain his sound.


After the child has learned to make a sound correctly in some words, help him

remember to say it correctly in certain words.


If time permits, have the child practice his sound in words for a few minutes

each day.


Monitor the child’s speech within the classroom so that you can report progress

to the speech / language pathologist.


Be patient with the child who is embarrassed about his speech problem. Help

him feel that he will not be penalized for his poor speech.


Help the child who seems to have no desire for improvement to see a need for

better speech habits.



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