Mrs. Kim Frasher, Gahanna Middle School Math Gifted Intervention Specialist

 About the Middle School Gifted Program
Students are identified for gifted services based on their IOWA and CogAt scores. These tests are administered to Gahanna students in 3rd, 5th, and 7th grade. To qualify for services, a student must have a 129 Composite (SAS) score on the IOWA test and a Math Total (NPR) of 95. These assessments are norm-referenced.
Ohio Achievement Assessment scores are not used to identify gifted students or place them in gifted programming. These assessments are criteria-referenced.
If a student qualifies for gifted math services, he or she will be placed either in ACE6 or Accelerated 7.   Placement is determined by 5th grade performance and the Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test.  
The progression of  classes is as follows:
Accelerated 7
Honors Algebra
Honors Geometry Honors Algebra II
Honors Pre-Calculus
Calculus AB or Calculus BC
If you have any questions about the middle school math program, please contact me at  Ifyou have questions about the middle school language arts program, please contact Joan Miller at
                                                                    SAT Test Information
Questions about NUMATS
I reccomend students take the ACT and the SAT at least once during their middle school career.
Written Education Plans are reviewed each spring. Copies are mailed once they are completed. Parents, please sign the last page and return to the school.
Contacting Mrs. Frasher
Office 479-1399Picture
MS East
Clotts Rd
Office 129
Monday mornings & Wednesday
MS West
350 N. Stygler Rd
Office 119A, Thursdays
MS South
Shady Springs
Office 215, Monday afternoons & Tuesdays
Jefferson Elementary
136 Carpenter Rd
Gahanna, OH 43230
About Me:
I have been working in the Gahanna Jefferson Middle Schools since 1994. The first ten years as a sixth grade math teacher at West. In 2004, I became the Middle School Math Gifted Intervention Specialist.   I collaborate with seven teachers to plan and implement lessons that meet the needs of our gifted math students.  Gahanna is a great place to work and raise a family. Both of my children, Kassie and Cole, attend Gahanna schools and my husband, Van, owns and operates Van Frasher's Champion Karate also in Gahanna.
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