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Course: Federal Government 
Teacher: Rick Hauser
School: Gahanna Lincoln HS
Location: Clark Hall Room 217
Phone:  614-269-4274
Email: hauserr@gapps.gjps.org
    Email:  hauserr@gjps.org


    Course Objective:

    An understanding of the purposes, principles, functions and operation of the                                                                     American Government System. 



    1. Principles of American Government
    2. Founding Documents
    3. Political Parties
    4. The Constitution
    5. Legislative Branch
    6. Executive Branch
    7. Judicial Branch
    8. Taxing & Spending
    9. State of Ohio and the Responsibility of State Government
    10. Local Government

    Copy of the Constitution of the United States or use the online Constitution provided by the National Constitution Center 

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