How to work on Storybird?
1. click this link
2. click sign up for free
3. check "Regular"
4. check "I Agree"
5. click "Create"
6. click "Create" on your top left tab
7. click the picture you like
8. click "Use this Art" on your top right
9. click "Use for Story"
10. click "Cover"
11. click the theme you like at the bottom of your screen, e.g. landscape
12. click the color you like at the bottom as your background
13. click the blank space, type the title of your story, and your name as the auther
14. now you are ready to start the body of your story by click a blank page at your bottom right
15. drag the picture to where you like on the blank slide in the center of your screen, leave half of the page free
16. click the free space, and type your story
17. click publish on your bottom left
18. type your summery
19. check your Categories
20. check "Write for"
21. click Publish
22. email your username to me
Sample Storybird: