Geometry and Measurement 
We're moving into our last two big units of geometry and measurement.  Yeah!
We will be measuring perimeter, area, and volume using various units of measurement.  After our last unit on fractions, we now know how to measure to fractions of a unit of measurement.  We will measuring various 2-D and 3-D shapes.
We will also work on characteristics of shapes, angles, and lines.  This unit requires lots of hands on activities.
Fractions, Decimals, and Percents - oh my!
Once we wrapped up multiplication and division, we rolled right into fractions because fractions are division.  Fractions represent divided a whole into pieces.  The students have been using a "bar" to represent their fractions.  If they want to represent the fraction 2/3, they have learned how to divide the bar into thirds and color in  2 sections.  Then, they used this same bar to compare fractions in other same sized bars.  They also learned how to use the bar to find 2/3 of 12.  Now the bar is worth 12 and each of the 3 sections will be worth 4. Since the fration is 2/3, 2 of the sections would be worth 8.  If this is confusing to you, just ask your child to show you! 
Then, to find the percent, the bar is now worth 100.  So, 1/4 would be one section of a bar that was divided into 4 sections.  Since the bar is worth 100, one section would be worth 25 so 1/4 is 25% or .25 as a decimal.  Whew!  We are sure learning a lot!
To top it off, we applied all of this to OSU Basketball to keep track of individual player's statistics!  It was so much fun that we decided to keep track of team statistics during March Madness.
Can you tell we love math????

PLEASE be sure to have your child log into the Xtramath website.  We're now trying to master our multiplication facts.  I have also included some practice games on multiplication on the Investigations online site.  That website is  The login name is the child's lastname first initial and the password is Lions 27.

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