Accompanists for Solo-Ensemble Event

Fees and rehearsal frequencies vary according to individual

Please keep any personal judgments listed here confidential 

Christina Cebriak 532-0666

Sue Dowdy – 855-9706

            Former Lincoln High Choir Accompanist

            Former Band Parent

            Has been doing this for us for a number of years

            (very very fine for all levels of Solos)


Linda Graf – 851-0654 –

Charissa (Char) Johnson – 939-0227

            Was Music Education (piano) major

            New band parent to our program

 Maxine Joseph – 418-9554    cell 205-0412

            Piano performance degree

            Parent of LHS students

Chris Makar – 476-1564

            Has been doing this a number of years

            Is very nurturing and encouraging especially for “B” and “C” Soloists

 Mark and Susan Meuser – 471-7352

 Jane Reinard – 337-1192

            Parent of MSW twins

 Anne Ryan – 474-0516 –

 Pamela Slater – 478-5085 -