Welcome to 7th and 8th Grade Science!

What we are doing in 7th grade...


We are now in our third major unit:  Cycles!  Students will be learning about a variety of cycles that affect our planet including:  moon phases, eclipses, tides, seasons, water cycle, and cycles within our atmosphere.  They will also learn about ocean and air currents and how they affect our climate.  You can help your child by observing these things in nature. 

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What we are doing in 8th grade...

We are entering our astronomy unit in science.  Students will learn about the various objects in our solar system/universe and how they move.  They will continue their study on gravity and how it affects objects in the universe.  In addition, they will learn about galaxies and the vastness of the universe.  Stars and their life cycles will also be investigated, as well as the tools that we use to see them.  You can help your child by observing the stars together and identifying objects in the sky.  Tune into the discovery or science channel.  They have some great programs on the universe that will teach you and your child.


8th Grade Science

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See what’s happening in tonight’s sky.



Want to find a constellation in the sky?  This interactive sight will do just that!


Interactive sight about our solar system


Interactive sight about comets


Interactive sight about asteroids


Watch a movie about the current month’s sky.


Homework help   http://amazing-space.stsci.edu/homework/

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Sky Watch


The Galaxy Song!



Funny Cycles Cartoons!



Funny Astronomy Cartoons!