Welcome to 6th and 7th Grade Science!

What we are doing in 7th grade...


We are now in our third major unit:  Cycles!  Students will be learning about a variety of cycles that affect our planet including:  moon phases, eclipses, tides, seasons, the water cycle, and cycles within our atmosphere.  They will also learn about ocean and air currents and how they affect our climate.  You can help your child by observing these things in nature.


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What we are doing in 6th grade...

We are now into our third major unit of the year:  biology.  In this unit, students learn about the various organelles found within various cells.  They also discover the difference between plant and animal cells.  Students then learn how cells make up all living things and how the bodies of living things are organized.  They study the different life processes that all living things carry out in.  Students do many labs looking at specimens under microscopes and students will see cells and organ systems up close during the frog dissection.  You can help your child by looking at a variety of living things and talk about the life processes that we all do.


6th Grade Calendar


6th Grade


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