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What we are doing in 7th grade...


We are now starting our second major unit:  Energy!  Students will learn about the various forms of energy and the different ways energy is transferred.  They will investigate how heat energy is transferred through conduction, convection, and radiation.  They will also investigate how light and sound waves carry energy and their properties.  They will then apply this knowledge when learning about open and closed circuits.  You can help your child by having them identify various energy forms in your household and how one form turns into another. 


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What we are doing in 6th grade...

We are now in our second major unit:  Rocks, Minerals, and Soil.  Students will learn about minerals and their properties like luster and hardness.  Students will also learn about the three different types of rocks and the rock cycle.  They will then learn about soil and its properties.  You can help your child by looking at rocks and helping them identify what type it is.  Investigate your house and see what products/materials are made of minerals/rocks. 


6th Grade Calendar


6th Grade

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