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Cindy Running (Athletic Director) - 937-289-2151 

Link to Final Forms: https://clintonmassie-oh.finalforms.com  (required registration for participation in any sport)

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Monday, January 15

HSGBB vs Bellbrook  TT: VS Clock: TG - Cancelled

Tuesday, January 16

Academic Team @ New Richmond  Bus departs 2:30 - Postponed

HS Boys Basketball vs Valley View  TT: BS VS  Clock: TG v: BS

 Wednesday, January 17

JHGBB @ EC  Bus departs 3:30

JHBBB vs EC  TT: VS Clock: BS 

HS/MS Wrestling Dual @ Western Brown  Bus time 3:30  JH starts 5:30 HS Starts 6:00

Thursday, January 18

Swimming vs Wilmington and Waynesville Home

Academic Team vs Western Brown

JHBBB @ Goshen  Bus departs 3:00

JHGBB vs Goshen  TT: BS Clock: BS 

HSGBB @ Wilmington  Bus departs 5:00


Friday, January 19

HS Boys Basketball @ Western Brown  Bus departs 2:45 and 4:45

JH Wrestling @ Reading Invitational Bus Departs 2:45


Saturday, January 20

HS Wrestling at Hamilton Township Bus departs 6:00 AM

JH Wrestling @ Reading Invitational   Bus departs at 7:00 AM

HS Boys Basketball vs Waynesville  TT: VS and DL  Clock: TG var BS

Monday, January 22

Bowling vs New Richmond at Royal Z

JHBB @ Wilmington  Bus departs 3:30

JHGBB vs Wilmington  TT: BS  Clock: BS

Academic team @ New Richmond  Bus Departs 2:45


Tuesday, January 23

HS Boys Basketball vs Fenwick  TT: VS and BS  Clock: TG var BS

Academic Team @ Wilmington   Bus Time 2:45


Wednesday, January 24

Bowling @ Western Brown Community Lanes  Bus departs 2:30

JHGBB @ MOMS  Bus departs 3:00


HSGBB @ Hillsboro  Bus departs 4:00

Wrestling State Duals at Clinton Massie.  Wrestling begins at 6:00 in the High School Gym.  TT: VS 


Thursday, January 25

Swimming – Sr Fun Nite

HS GBB VS New Richmond TT: VS Clock: BS

Academic Team @ Bethel Tate  Bus time 2:30

JHBBB vs Bethel Tate  TT: VS  Clock: BS

JHGBB @ Bethel Tate  Bus departs 3:00

Friday, January 26

HS Boys Basketball @ Wilmington  Bus departs 3:45 and 5:45


Saturday, January 27

HS Boys Basketball vs Carlisle  TT: VS and DL Clock: B var TG

Swimming @ Orange and Black Swim Meet  Bus departs 3:30 PM

CM Youth Basketball Contact Information:

4th Grade Boys Coach: Jason Pittser 937-725-2290

4th Grade Girls Coach: Shawn Osborne 513-508-9841 

5th Grade Boys Coach: Shane Eades 937-725-1527

5th Grade Girls Coach: Mike Redman 937-944-2234

6th Grade Boys   Coach: Clayton Morgan 937-725-1729

6th Grade Girls   Coach: Jennifer Pence 937-509-0439