Hawks Say Goodbye to Karlowicz
Changes to La Pine High School’s front office bring mixed emotions to students

   This school year started with change. The administration hired six new teachers. Everyone had to adjust to a new bell schedule which included CREW time. These changes may have shaken up students at the beginning of the year and the changes haven’t stopped just yet. Tonya Karlowicz, the smiling face you see when you enter La Pine High’s front office, worked her last day as Attendance Secretary at LPHS on Friday, January 20.    
   Combining the two different periods Karlowicz has been with La Pine High school she has worked for just over seven years. She worked at Bend High for four years in between her years at La Pine High School.
   Since working with the school she has managed attendance and run the front office and she has built bonds. She has even made connections with students in a recently added responsibility of conducting lunch detention.
   Miranda Whisler, an office aide, said [Mrs. Karlowicz has] “always given me someone to go to on bad and good days.”
   Gilchrist High School offered Karlowicz a position as their new Social Skills Learning Facilitator. Karlowicz said the work is exactly what she wrote her master’s thesis on.
   Though she was not looking for a new position “It was something I just couldn’t pass up. It requires me to use the skills I went to school for,” said Karlowicz.
   As the new Social Skills Learning Facilitator for Gilchrist, Karlowicz will be teaching social and emotional skills such as getting along with your peers and how to be a good citizen. These lessons are comparable to our Hawk Habits. Karlowicz will be working with students on these principles in group settings along with single individuals at a time.
   Other new responsibilities for her include working with families on how to help their students be successful school, training staff about trauma that students have experienced and how it can affect their success in the classroom, and working with students on college and career planning.
   Though this position is something Karlowicz is excited to pursue it doesn’t mean the decision and transition was easy. Karlowicz said she is “very sad” to be leaving. “I have a lot of students that I really care about here and it’s hard to just walk away from that. When you work in a school it makes the school like another family. That makes it hard to leave.”
   Karlowicz said “I’ll even miss detention.” Detention students will miss Karlowicz’s unique style too. Instead of sitting in front of students she sits among the them, speaks with them, and reads them stories that they can apply to their lives. Students have been known to voluntarily go to detention just to listen.
   Interviews for the front office position will be conducted Thursday, January 26, 2017.