Welcome to ACC: The AspeCt-oriented C compiler

Download AspeCt-oriented C V 0.9 RC together with our Compiler Tools (Released on August 12th, 2010.)

AspeCt-oriented C implements an aspect-oriented extension to C and offers one possible language design for an aspect-oriented C language. In a nutshell:
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  1. encapsulate non-modularized concerns in systems;
  2. often include security policies, transaction support, synchronization concerns, etc.;
  3. are present in middleware systems [ZJ04] [ZJ03], [ZJ03] and databases [GJ05];
  4. enable model-driven development [ZJ05a];
  5. have been used for developing embedded software system product lines [ZJ05b]
  1. an aspect-oriented extension to C, aspect-oriented software development for C, and an ACC language design option
  2. full ANSI-C compliance and gcc source-compatibility;
  3. compiler and generated code portability;
  4. seamless Linux, Solaris and Windows support;
  5. simple integration in existing builds and code transparency through source-to-source transformations;
  6. an open source license and compiler.
  1. modularization of crosscutting concerns for C-based software;
  2. research on concern separation tailored to C and imperative programming;
  3. research on aspect-orientation on C-based systems;
  4. development of highly customizable and easily configurable software in C;
  5. development of feature-rich software product lines in C.