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Suunto Spartan Altimeter Watch

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The Suunto Spartan Altimeter Watch is a trusty companion for hikers, mountaineers, skiers/riders, and outdoor enthusiasts who desire a stealthy watch that measures altitude, atmospheric pressure, and temperature. This watch remains low-key with its all-black aluminum case and rubber strap, and it features an orange backlight for enhanced low-light viewing. Stopwatch, dual time, and countdown functionality are included for daily use. The Spartan's altimeter measures vertical speed and distance, making it ideal for those who scale large peaks, such as mountaineers and backcountry skiers/riders. Measure the vertical ascent of your last climb (in meters) and the rate (meters/minute) that you climbed. Once you've reached the top, track your vertical descent and the rate at which you ripped down.  A built-in barometer measures atmospheric pressure, helping you keep an eye on incoming storms. This barometer features a four-day memory for your record-keeping purposes. In addition, there's a thermometer for measuring temps ranging from -5º to 140º Fahrenheit/-20º to 60º Cecilius.

  • Black aluminum case, black rubber strap
  • Stopwatch, countdown timer, dual time
  • Altimeter measures vertical speed and distance
  • Barometer with four-day barometric memory
  • Thermometer displays -5º to 140ºF/-20º to 60ºC
  • Water-resistant to 100 feet (30m)
  • Backlight

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