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Garmin Rino 610 GPS Radio Review

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review detail Garmin Rino 610 GPS Radio

Garmin Rino 610 GPS Radio

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You already know that a GPS can be a full-fledged life saver, but what if you're trying to coordinate multiple people or groups? With the Garmin Rino 610 GPS radio, it's no big deal. The tracking feature allows you to track the locations of other Rino users in your area, and share your location with them. The radio feature means that getting ahold of them is a breeze, and you can send text messages as well. It all adds up to a convenient way to keep tabs on everyone in your party.

Tucked into the durable body is a 2.6 inch, glove friendly, backlit color screen, which is easily visible in all light conditions. In addition to the included worldwide basemap, you can load the Rino with TOPO 24k maps, BlueChart marine maps, and CityNavigator maps, and Custom Maps via the MicroSD port. If you still need more information, you can download BirdsEye satellite images, and overlay them on your map. Waypoints can be selected off of the mapping feature, or by importing them wirelessly from compatible devices. It's easy to save, modify, and index your routes for future trips. By downloading a geocaching .GPX file, you'll have access to hidden caches, for more options on your next outing. And you're able to select the profile of your trip, which helps you to organize your information between recreation, driving, boating, and training.

The GPS features alone make the Rino a worthy companion, but it’s the communication features that really set it apart. The included software allows you to track other Rino users in the area, making it easy to keep tabs on your friends. The radio feature makes it easy to stay in touch, and you also have the option of sending and receiving text messages if you'd prefer. By using both GPS and GLONASS satellites, the Rino is able to determine your location 20% faster than GPS alone, and maintain it with greater precision. To ensure that your information is presented in a way that works for you, the dashboard is customizable with a compass, digital altimeter, and configurable data fields, among other tools.

The Garmin Rino 610 GPS is available in the color Black, and includes a USB cable, and user manual.

  • GPS
  • Tracking capabilities with other Rino devices
  • Digital altimeter
  • Compass
  • Radio/walkie talkie feature
  • Text messaging
  • Battery powered

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