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Casio PRG-270 Watch

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The Casio PRG-270 Watch is a wristy way to get off the grid or keep track of your ups and downs. This solar-powered watch also weighs next to nothing. The altimeter measures a vast range of elevations and declinations in 1m increments. The barometer pays attention to pressure so you don't explode. Stay on the right course with the digital compass by following the graphic directional pointer. The thermometer will work even when you're searching for fossils in Death Valley. Five daily alarms make procrastinating powerfully challenging, and you don't even get the excuse of changing time zones. This wrist-worn computer has 31 time zones, city names, and even accommodates daylight-savings. Water-resistant up to 100m, you can go swimming while wearing the PRG-270. And when things go bump in the night, the full LED gives you a little light to check how many more hours there are until sunup.

  • Altimeter, measuring range -2300 to 32800 feet
  • Barometer, 7.65-32.45 inHg
  • Thermometer, 14-140F
  • Digital compass, bearing memory, graphic pointer
  • Trek log data, up to 14 high-low altitude records
  • 5 daily alarms
  • 31 time zones, city name displace, daylight-savings on/off
  • Solar-powered batteries, rechargeable
  • Water-resistant up to 100m

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