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Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp

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Run your Black Diamond ReVolt Headlamp dry during an early morning run, plug it into your laptop at work, and recharge your light via USB. Powerful and efficient LED bulbs sip battery power and provide a distance mode for moving fast, a proximity mode for around camp, and red night-vision mode that minimizes eye fatigue for reading or cooking. In classic Black Diamond style, this light is built with attention to detail and steadfast durability.

  • LED bulbs are highly efficient with battery power usage and powerful enough to provide all the light you need
  • TriplePower LED bulb offers up to 110 lumens of power at its max setting and it projects light up to 70 meters on its highest setting
  • SinglePower white LEDs create less power (25 lumens) and offer less distance (9 meters), but they use battery power more efficiently when you need less intense, close-proximity light
  • SinglePower red LEDs are also less powerful, but are good for getting around camp in the dark, and don't compromise your night vision
  • Cycle through full-strength proximity and distance modes for hiking, a dimming mode so you can select a custom light level, a strobe mode for rescue, a red night-vision mode for night, and a lock mode
  • Single mode button makes it easy to cycle through modes and the button is lockable so it can't be triggered by mistake
  • Battery case is built into the light housing and it accepts either AAA alkaline batteries or Black Diamond rechargeable batteries
  • Elastic headband is adjustable for comfort and removable for cleaning or repair
  • Adjustable tilt allows you to dial in the aim of your beam by pivoting the housing up or down
  • Three-level power meter shows remaining battery life for three seconds after you turn on the headlamp
  • IPX-4 standard water resistance allows this headlamp to withstand light precipitation

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