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New Balance WO80 Minimus Running Shoe - Women's Review

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review detail New Balance WO80 Minimus Running Shoe - Women's

New Balance WO80 Minimus Running Shoe - Women's

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The Women's WO80 Minimus Running Shoe is the first multi-sport shoe in New Balance's Minimus Collection. Lightweight and highly flexible with a low heel drop, this shoe puts your foot in a natural position and eliminates the bulky feeling caused by a traditional, heavily cushioned hiker or trail running shoe. No-sew construction means that you can wear either a thin pair of socks or go barefoot inside this shoe. Wear the WO80 for trail running, traveling, light hiking, or when you're kicking around the backyard and you just want to feel light on your feet without going shoeless.

  • Minimalist-style upper is built with lightweight materials that are durable enough to protect your foot from trail hazards while still remaining flexible enough so your foot can move naturally underneath
  • No-sew construction eliminates the seams caused by sewn-together upper materials so this shoe is more flexible and free of hot spots that can cause chafing
  • Midsole platform is firm enough to provide support and just stable enough to keep you balanced and agile on the trail when the surface is unpredictable
  • Vibram outsole is grippy enough for slick, hard surfaces like rock or loose surfaces like sandy trails
  • Low 4mm heel offset more closely aligns the height of your heel and forefoot to encourage you to land on your midfoot or forefoot during foot strike
  • Low heel offset also positions your foot in a more natural position so you can roll off your toes faster as you come to the end of your stride
  • Vibram rubber is one of the most durable outsole materials offered in the trail shoe marketplace
  • Heel loop makes it easier to grab onto the back of this shoe when you're pulling your foot past the heel pocket and underneath the close-fitting upper

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