*^Deals Merrell Vapor Glove Running Shoe - Men's reviews

Merrell Vapor Glove Running Shoe - Men's Review

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review detail Merrell Vapor Glove Running Shoe - Men's

Merrell Vapor Glove Running Shoe - Men's

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Think of the Merrell Men's Vapor Glove Running Shoe as more of a second skin designed to protect your foot so your foot can do what it does naturally: help you balance and run swiftly. With just two millimeters of cushioning and a zero drop heel offset, this is a barefoot shoe through and through. Merrell's designers went to the extremes of spartan design, keeping the upper light, the TPU heel sling simple, and the integrated footbed so thin you'll hardly notice it underneath your foot. At a feathery five ounces, this is a 'shoe' for the advanced intermediate or seasoned trail runner who wants protection and maximum foot-to-ground sensation without totally sacrificing the protection a rubber sole can provide.

  • Barefoot construction means that this shoe is essentially a lightweight upper attached to a lightweight rubber outsole
  • This construction means absolutely minimal weight to carry on your foot, maximum responsiveness and ground feel, and superior flexibility so your foot can move naturally, uninhibited by excessive cushioning or materials
  • Mesh upper is thin and breathable but also durable so it provides light protection from the hazards of running along a trail
  • Integrated microfiber footbed provides a thin layer of comfort between the sole of your foot and the top of the rubber outsole of this shoe
  • Aegis antimicrobial treatment helps the footbed repel the bacteria that causes funky odors
  • Zero drop design aligns your heel and forefoot so they're completely level, putting your foot in the most naturally balanced position during footstrike
  • External TPU heel sling keeps your heel locked into place and secures the fit of this shoe as close as possible to your foot
  • TC1 rubber outsole offers protection from sharp rocks and trail debris and is sticky enough so you can run across rocks and slick surfaces without slipping unexpectedly

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