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Altra Torin 1.5 Running Shoe - Men's Review

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review detail Altra Torin 1.5 Running Shoe - Men's

Altra Torin 1.5 Running Shoe - Men's

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Whether you're a newbie to the zero-drop craze or a long-time flat-footed runner, you'll find the Altra Men's Torin 1.5 Running Shoe to be a cushioned approach to a level running field. Don't fear the concrete—zero drop encourages a more anatomically involved footstrike but the runners at Altra realize it doesn't have to lack cushion. In the Turin 1.5, you'll find a bit more joy in the 26.2 miles you're doing as an ultra training run. Unlike other shoes, air mesh goes from the tips of your toes the back of your heel. Your fleet-footed sweat won't stick around for long with so many little escape routes readily available. Altra gives you two different insoles to ease the transition from traditional running shoes to zero-drop trainers. The 5mm Contour insole offers some arch support to begin your quest for a level playing field. Continue strengthening your foot with a little less support, using the 3mm Strengthen insole. Once you've got your foot strong and supple, go sans insole for a truly zero-drop experience. Once you've built up your foot strength, the real light of the Turin 1.5 gets to shine. Two types of midsoles create an incredibly cushioned ride to save your body and soles from the high-mileage pounding you put in when training for a marathon or an ultra. A-Bound on top is soft yet strong, and dual-density EVA foam makes each footstrike feel like pillowy perfection. The combination of the Natural Ride System (NRS) and FootPod Outsole provide ample feedback from the road while following the anatomy of the human foot, minimizing any external influence from the shoe on your gait.

  • Air mesh upper, quick-drying and breathable
  • 3mm Strengthen insole, removable
  • 5mm Contour insole, removable
  • A-Bound midsole top layer
  • Dual-density EVA midsole lower layer
  • 0mm heel-forefoot drop
  • 27mm stack height
  • FootPod outsole

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