&9Buy New Balance MR00 Minimus Running Shoe - Men's reviews

New Balance MR00 Minimus Running Shoe - Men's Review

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review detail New Balance MR00 Minimus Running Shoe - Men's

New Balance MR00 Minimus Running Shoe - Men's

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Featherlight and minimalist in design, the New Balance Men's MR00 Minimus Running Shoe delivers the benefits of barefoot running with the protection of an ultralight trainer. This shoe cuts out all the added junk you'll find in a more traditional running shoe. Instead of a thick, elevated heel and midsole, the MR00 keeps the heel low and the heel and forefoot heights level. Hefty cushioning is replaced by thin, lightweight foam and a flexible outsole. Soft, breathable mesh takes the place of the thick, stifling upper of yesteryear, and the liner is designed not those who prefer socks, but for runners who prefer to go barefoot inside their shoe--what a concept.

Barefoot-style running with a minimalist shoe like the MR00 has a few advantages, one of which is the strengthening of the muscles in your foot and ankle and another is the ability to transition more easily between foot strike styles. Without the thick cushioning and extensive support structure found in a more traditional running shoe, your body is forced to strengthen the muscles in your foot as your foot flexes with newly found freedom. And as your foot grows stronger and your technique improves, the MR00's zero-drop design allows you to choose the foot strike style that works best for you, from heel to midfoot to forefoot. Suddenly you're given the tools to reconnect with the terrain, practice your running form, and free your foot--all thanks to this minimalist, performance trainer.

  • Mesh upper is lightweight, breathable, and close-fitting so your foot stays cool on hot days and to help this shoe fit like a glove
  • Smooth synthetic lining is designed so you can wear socks or go barefoot inside this shoe
  • RevLite foam offers lightweight, responsive cushioning for short-to-mid distance road running
  • Footbed features an antimicrobial treatment that resists the bacteria that causes funky odors
  • Zero drop (heel-forefoot offset) means that your heel and forefoot are aligned at the same height from the back of the shoe to the front
  • Zero drop design (heel-forefoot offset) delivers the benefit of barefoot running with the protection of a lightweight trainer
  • Lugged Vibram outsoles ensure multi-directional grip on slick roads and slippery, variable surfaces
  • High-wear spots on the heel and forefoot are reinforced with Vibram rubber outsoles
  • Sizing: Standard running shoe last with a standard heel width, a wide forefoot, and a low toe-box height

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