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Pinarello Dogma XC Carbon Mountain Bike Frame Review

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Pinarello Dogma XC Carbon Mountain Bike Frame

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Always one to challenge convention in the name of efficiency, Pinarello approached its new XC platform using the asymmetric design principles that have proven themselves time and again by the world's most demanding cyclists. The Dogma XC Carbon Mountain Bike Frame stands in as the Italian manufacturer's flagship cross-country frameset, utilizing the advanced tube shapes, carbon layups, and innovative thinking that continually place Pinarello well ahead of the pack.

The material chosen to construct the new Dogma XC, similar to its top-end road frames, is from the Japanese carbon fiber suppliers at Torayca. The 60-ton 60HM1K Nano-alloy Carbon Fiber is a carbon that's exceptionally rigid and reactive. Capable of withstanding a full 60-tons of pressure per square centimeter, this material provides such a high level of rigidity that Pinarello's engineers were able to use less carbon fiber in key areas, thereby lowering the overall weight of this pure XC machine. Additionally, Torayca's Nano-alloy technology on the 60HM1K involves alloy nano-particles that are embedded into the carbon itself. Upon significant impact, these particles "explode." In other words, they absorb the kinetic energy of impact forces so that the carbon itself won't have to.

Both the tube shapes and the junctions of the Dogma XC have been given careful design consideration by Pinarello's engineers in relation to efficiency and compliance. Knowing that rigidity and power transfer are the key words when it comes to the down tube and chainstays, they constructed these with massive, oversized tube shapes. The bottom bracket that joins them was built using a PressFit 30 system, with the seat tube flaring out to the full shell width on the non-drive side. This design provides a rock-solid pedaling platform that directs your efforts straight to the rear wheel. Above this junction, Pinarello added an integrated front derailleur mount on the asymmetric seat tube, allowing you to seamlessly route either Shimano or SRAM.

Moving up to the head and down tube junction, you'll notice Pinarello's "ForkStopper" technology integrated into the frame. This feature serves several purposes. While many frames are constructed with raised down tubes to limit contact with forks, the Dogma XC uses Pinarello's PinaFit XX9 geometry. This design allows for a smoother, uncompromised down tube angle, which translates to more overall stability by emphasizing the correct geometry over other variables such as fork rotation. The ForkStopper allows Pinarello to use this geometry and also to address the issue of fork impact in the event of a crash.

At the rear triangle of the Dogma XC, the slender seatstays wear a shape reminiscent of its pavement-devouring Dogma cousins, but the sloping tubes come together up top as an integrated seatpost clamp assembly above the top tube. Pinarello separated the seatstays both vertically and laterally into its "ONDA XC Asymmetric Twin Arms," dissipating vibrations in a uniform way and across a large surface area. Its engineers wanted to address both stability and comfort with this design, which is why it carefully examined the way traditional hardtail frames were designed. They found that the typical frame joins the seatstays, seat tube, and top tube at the same junction, which sends vibrations and impacts from the rear wheel straight to the top tube. By dividing the frame into two separate triangles — and moving the seatstays slightly higher than the top tube — shock transfer to the front of the frame is eliminated. The seatpost clamp itself is dubbed X Power, which allows the four-bolt clamp to securely hold the seatpost by joining the seatstays over the top tube. According to Pinarello, this construction reduces the stress normally concentrated in this clamping zone by nearly 50%, leading to a safer and more effective design.

Other innovative features found on the Dogma XC are its clean internal cable routing and rear brake mounting design. Pinarello took the route of mounting the brake on the chainstay, rather than the seatstay. This Rear-Arm Disk (RAD) design allows the seatstays to maintain high levels of compliance, uninterrupted by the brake. Also, the big non-drive chainstay tube provides a stronger overall braking platform, resulting in highly-responsive, powerful braking out back.

The Pinarello Dogma XC Carbon Mountain Bike Frame is available in four sizes from Small to X-Large and in the color Matte Carbon.

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