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Intense Cycles Tracer 275 Foundation Complete Mountain Bike - 2014 Review

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review detail Intense Cycles Tracer 275 Foundation Complete Mountain Bike - 2014

Intense Cycles Tracer 275 Foundation Complete Mountain Bike - 2014

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It’s getting hard to find bikes that are made in America these days. Between rising labor costs and increasing competition from other countries, you’d be forgiven if you’ve given up hope of riding a domestically produced steed. But don’t give up just yet, as the Intense Tracer 275 Foundation Complete Mountain Bike isn’t just a stunning, American-made masterpiece, it’s got the pedigree and the ride quality to square off against the world’s best. And thanks to the value-oriented build kit, you shouldn’t have to take out a second mortgage to swing a leg over this straight up shred machine.

Like the rest of Intense's lineup, much of the Tracer's impeccable trail manners can be attributed to its VPP suspension. It's a suspension platform that's widely beloved among riders in-the-know for its blend of pedaling efficiency and trail-erasing smoothness. VPP employs two aluminum counter-rotating links to achieve this balance. So in case you're wondering how it works, allow us to demystify it for you. The upper link provides most of the rotation as the bike compresses into the sag point. This yields a vertical wheel path, which you'll notice in the form of a firm feel during acceleration. As the bike compresses deeper into the suspension, the lower link activates, moving the axle path rearward. The rearward axle path enables the rear wheel to travel out of the way of square-edged impacts. If it sounds like an ideal blend of characteristics, well, that's because it is, and countless riders agree.

Aluminum is the material of choice here, both for its durability and the incredible tube-forming opportunities it provides. Modern trail bikes require a seemingly incompatible blend of durability and lightweight, which helps to illuminate the reasons for the Tracer's semi-monocoque front triangle construction. When we say semi-monocoque, what we mean is that there's a traditional round down tube, while the top tube assembly is built from two mirrored halves welded down the seam, also known as a monocoque.

The use of the round down tube ensures correct alignment, and the lack of seams makes it the strongest option for a section of the front triangle that is under tension when riding. But by using a monocoque top tube, Intense is able to increase the weld area at the head tube far beyond what would be possible with tubular construction. That increased weld surface means a stiffer, stronger head tube junction, and accordingly, more precise steering. Naturally, a mixed tapered head tube allows for the use of modern tapered forks, ensuring inch-perfect steering, even under heavy braking, or larger riders.

The asymmetrical rear triangle is decidedly burly, despite its modest weight. By using an oversized upright on the non-drive side, the drive side of the rear triangle is able to be lightened, while simultaneously improving drivetrain clearance. And it gets Intense's G1 replaceable dropout system, with a modern 12x142mm thru axle. By using a replaceable dropout, rather than a replaceable derailleur hanger, you get a stiffer mount for the derailleur, and accordingly, crisper shifts, with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you can replace your hanger should your derailleur meet a particularly grisly demise.

For the Foundation build, suspension duties are handled by an Evolution Series FOX FLOAT CTD rear shock, and an X-Fusion Sweep 34 fork. While X-Fusion is relatively new to the scene, the California brand has proven that it can provide competitive suspension components that offer a ton of value. SRAM contributes most of the build kit, with Elixir 3s controlling your speed, and an X7 drivetrain, punctuated with an X9 rear derailleur. The cockpit consists of Intense branded items, with house branding found on the saddle, seatpost, stem, handlebar, and grips. The wheelset consists of SRAM hubs laced to DT Swiss 533D rims, and they’re wrapped in Kenda Nevegal tires.

The Intense Tracer 275 Foundation Complete Mountain Bike - 2014 is available in three sizes, from Small to Large, and in the colors Flat Black, Works Raw, Flo Orange, and Intense Red.

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