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Diamondback Podium Optum Complete Road Bike

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Wearing the colors of your favorite European cycling team has been in fashion for quite some time, but we think it's time to break that mold. In 2014, Optum Pro Cycling will field both men's and women's UCI Continental teams, with riders set to ride at major races in the US and abroad. These teams, overflowing with multiple-time National Champion riders, ride the Diamondback Podium Optum Complete Road Bike.

One of most interesting properties of carbon fiber is that because it is oriented using individual fibers, computer modeling and testing show engineers exactly where frame stresses occur and where more material needs to be placed in order to address the stresses. Diamondback's Podium Optum frame is hand positioned using an AMMP technique. This Advanced Monocoque Molding Process hand wraps individual carbon fibers around a core so that each piece is laid precisely where the engineers want it. The core uses a polystyrene pre-form core, with a plastic bladder that has been designed in the shape of the frame. This Clean Core Technology ensures that both the inner core as well as the outer surface of the frame are devoid of rough edges or excess material. Diamondback does not use a cosmetic surface weave to mask interior workmanship. The actual structural weave of the carbon is what you see on the exterior of the product.

Additionally, to ensure that the mold is precise, the emerging product is surrounded with a plastic cavity. Now, even though the AMMP process allows the frames to be designed with specific load designs in different regions, silicone mandrel shells are placed at critical joint areas so as to create smooth overlapping fibers and additional reinforcement at vital junctions — such as the head tube and the bottom bracket. Once the frame is placed in the final mold, a proprietary Optimized Resin Compound is used for optimal adhesion of the carbon fibers. As a note, Diamondback does not buy pre-impregnated sheets of carbon; it insists on making all of its carbon in-house to maintain full control over quality and consistency.

Now, not all carbon fibers are the same. They are designated by both tensile strength and modulus, and high tensile strength doesn't always mean high modulus — the same is true in reverse. Therefore, Diamondback used several fibers by two industry leaders. The MR40 and MR60 fibers were sourced from Mitsubishi Rayon Co. Ltd., and T700 fibers are from Toray Industries. Higher strength fibers are more difficult to manipulate and require highly skilled carbon fiber designers, but once in place they allow the creation of frames with thinner walls. Following along these lines of logic, thinner walls equate to lighter weights.

The frame used for the Podium Optum is even more featherweight than that used in either the Vitesse or E'Tape. This was accomplished using a fiber with a greater tensile strength and elongation properties. Manipulating a fiber to wrap a greater area, while maintaining its strength, was paramount to developing a frame that is 100 grams lighter. Once the monocoque portion of the frame is formed, the front triangle, seatstays, and chainstays are bonded using a dynamic co-bonding technique. The frames are tested by Diamondback's professional riders who provide feedback. Carbon fiber is easily manipulated to find the ideal balance between stiffness, strength, durability, and comfort, and the frames are only released to the public once that balance has been achieved. The 2014 Podium is being touted as even more responsive and stiffer than the previous iteration by the Optum team members. If early season results are any indicator, we're looking forward to seeing it on top of the podium many times this season.

The Team Podium Optum is complemented by a full SRAM Red 22 Group. SRAM has been continually redesigning Red to place it at the top of its component groups. The marriage of the Diamondback Podium and SRAM Red 22 puts two American names together to create a steed that is worthy of the fastest team in the US. The crankset is a standard 53/39t, and it is paired with an 11-26t rear cassette. The Podium rolls on a set of HED Stinger S4 Carbon SCT tubular wheels that have been paired with Schwalbe Ultremo HT Race tires. The cockpit features Easton's EC90 SLX3 Handlebar, Diamondback's stem with a +/- 7 degree rise, and the Diamondback ODC carbon seatpost. For optimal comfort, you'll sit on a Prologo Zero-II Carbon Nack rail saddle. Additionally, the frame features full internal routing and carbon dropouts. The fork is Diamondback's Carbon Competition Road Fork with carbon dropouts and a tapered carbon steerer tube. The bottom bracket is a PressFit30.

The Diamondback Podium Optum Complete Road Bike is available in even sizes from 52cm to 60cm and in the color Optum Orange.

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