:?Ridley X-Bow/Shimano Tiagra Complete Bike - 2013 review

Ridley X-Bow/Shimano Tiagra Complete Bike - 2013 Review

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review detail Ridley X-Bow/Shimano Tiagra Complete Bike - 2013

Ridley X-Bow/Shimano Tiagra Complete Bike - 2013

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Ridley is synonymous with everything 'cross. And even if you are a first-timer, you still deserve the best between your legs (or on your shoulder every now and again). The Ridley X-Bow/ Shimano Tiagra Complete Bike is a cyclocross race rig that won't break the bank, but will still deliver the results that you need on race-day.

Constructed from 7000-series double-butted aluminum, the X-Bow may not have the carbon skeleton of its big brother, the World Championship winning X-Night, but that doesn't mean that it won't deliver in the features department. To begin with, the double-butted aluminum frame is highly durable and it resists everything from a yeah-Joey barrier "hop" to berating mud and rain. The 4ZA Zornyc fork features carbon legs and an alloy crown and steerer tube. By forgoing the full-carbon construction, Ridley has made it clear that this fork was designed to withstand the rigors of cyclocross racing. Accordingly, you won't feel any flex or braking dive, and there won't be any surprises from sharp corners. The frame design includes features that have trickled down from the X-Night, including a slightly oval top tube. The shape of the tube, and the top-positioning of all of the shift and brake cables, means nothing will be digging into your skin when comes time to shoulder the bike. More importantly, though, these features provide you with an interface that's easier to grip in slippery conditions.

Perhaps the most noticeable details on the X-Bow are the eyelets for both the mudguards and the rear pannier racks. Now, while we wouldn't suggest that you attempt to race with panniers on (unless your goal is simply maximizing beer and cupcake hand-ups), the dual use possibilities of the X-Bow intrigue us. You're able to race it hard on the weekends, throw your commuter jeans on, and ride right through the week. In fact, we think that the X-Bow combines the very best of a cyclocross bike and a commuter all in one package.

For the build Ridley selected Shimano's built-to-last Tiagra groupset. And in case you're a little rusty, this is one up from Sora. The exception is that the brakes have been swapped with Ridley's 4ZA CB1 cantilevers, and the crankset is a 46/36t FSA. The bike cockpit has been finished with a full spectrum of 4ZA Stratos — stem, handlebars, seatpost, and saddle. You'll roll on a set of Alex/Formula rims and Continental cyclocross tires.

The Ridley X-Bow/ Shimano Tiagra Complete Bike is available in the color Black and in four sizes from X-Small to Large.

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