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Pinarello Paris 50.1.5 Think2 Road Bike Frame Review

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review detail Pinarello Paris 50.1.5 Think2 Road Bike Frame

Pinarello Paris 50.1.5 Think2 Road Bike Frame

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Detail On : Pinarello Paris 50.1.5 Think2 Road Bike Frame

Being a little brother in the Pinarello family is tough, especially when the shoes that you have to fill are those of the Dogma 65.1 Think2. However, the Pinarello Paris 50.1.5 Think2 Road Bike Frame occupies the next limb on the family tree with incredible grace and strength. New to this year, the Paris draws on the Pinarello's Think2 design philosophy, and it features an upgraded Torayca carbon layup, a fully asymmetrical design, the new ONDA 2V fork, and a nearly identical geometry to the already two-Tour-winning 65.1 Think2. It looks like the Paris is all grown up.

To construct the new Paris, Pinarello's engineers embraced its Think2 design system that, in the past, has typically been reserved for the flagship Dogma series. Along these lines, the Paris was given a completely asymmetric frame, and it uses carbon fiber that's just a tad shy of the 65.1 Think2 in terms of weight and rigidity. For the Paris' carbon composition, Pinarello reached out to its Japanese carbon fiber suppliers at Torayca to develop the new 50HM1.5K. The resulting carbon is far more rigid and reactive than prior iterations of the Paris. At a full 50-tons per square centimeter, compared to the Dogma's 65t, the new carbon layup is capable of withstanding 50 tons of pressure per square centimeter. In other words, the high level of rigidity and strength allowed Pinarello to use less carbon fiber in key areas, thereby lowering the weight of the Paris frame to around 1038 grams (size 54cm). Essentially, like the Dogma's diet, this carbon wizardry has dispelled the myth that the Paris is not a bike for climbers.

Even with the new cloth, the Paris Think2 follows a nearly identical geometry to the Dogma 65.1 Think2. In fact, one of the only noticeable differences between the two are the Paris' slightly taller stack measurement — about 5cm in a size 54.0. Outside of that, it follows the same distinct identity of the Dogma Think2, which of course, means that it retained much of the asymmetrical shaping. And while the bloodlines of the Dogma are very much intact, Pinarello continues to push the envelope to further enhance the frame's formula. Accordingly, Pinarello carefully engineered internal cable routing on the new Paris, which allows for you to easily choose between either mechanical or electronic shifting systems, without any penalty to the bike's aesthetic or its aerodynamic profile.

And because these two frames nearly share the same geometry, the Paris benefits from the intensive R&D put into the 65.1 Think2. During the two years in which the original Dogma sat atop the Pinarello family of frames, Pinarello studied and restudied the forces in action as a rider sprints on the pedals, pulls on the handlebars, and muscles the bike through corners. FEA (finite element analysis) confirmed that the Dogma's asymmetrical design was beneficial in leveling the variances in frame deflection from one side to the other. However, Pinarello knew that it could take the asymmetry to new levels with the 65.1, and now the Paris Think2 benefits from this research. One big change that you'll notice to the Paris is in the top tube, which has been moved slightly off-center towards the right side of the bike in order to further this effort towards equilibrium.

In addition to this, Pinarello addressed another area for potential improvement — the aerodynamics and stiffness of the front end of the bike. This Paris is fitted with a 1.5-inch lower headset bearing, which allows for a large diameter steerer tube at the fork crown. The resulting benefit for you is around a 19% boost in front end stiffness, which translates to more predictable braking and a more precise steering feel. Another part of the fork redesign includes a brand new fork itself. Now, the Paris features the new ONDA 2V, which is comprised of the same 50HM1.5K carbon fiber as the frame. Now, the ONDA 2V is noticeably smoother, more aerodynamic, and it has a sculpted crown that integrates seamlessly into the reshaped down tube. With this much attention to the asymmetrical design aspects of the Paris, it's easy to overlook it from a distance. Only when you're close enough to touch it will you really be able to discern the subtle differences. The left and right sides of the bike bear different tube shapes as well as general tube sizes. You're able to see these differences in the new designs of the top tube, the fork legs, and both seatstays and chainstays.

The Pinarello Paris 50.1.5 Think2 Road Bike Frame is available in ten sizes from 44.0 to 59.5cm and in the colors Matte Black/gloss red 780, Matte Black/gloss yellow 781, and White/red gloss 784. Please note that this frame features an integrated 1-1/2 x 1-1/8in headset, and that it uses a PressFit 30 bottom bracket.

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