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Orbea Carpe 20 Complete Road Bike Review

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Orbea Carpe 20 Complete Road Bike

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We know that you're competitive, and we're sure that you have fun racing, but isn't it about time for you to venture out without your Lycra? Throw caution to the wind and cruise along the boardwalk riding Orbea's Carpe 20. After all, riding is supposed to be, well, fun every now and again.

The frame was built from hydroformed aluminum. If you're aluminum tech is a little rusty, hydroforming is a process of shaping aluminum that allows lighter, stronger, and more rigid tubing to be formed. During this process, high pressure hydraulic fluid is used to press room-temperature working material, in this case, aluminum, into a die. Using this method, Orbea was able to create complex shapes that would otherwise be difficult with standard solid die stamping. Hydroformed tubing has a higher stiffness-to-weight ratio, which in turn, means a lighter, stronger bike frame. The result is a subtle and elegantly curved design, and a frame that features a lifetime warranty. Further along these lines, the fork is the Orbea Trekking Alu, which is the perfect compliment to clean lines of the frame.

While many "urban" bikes feature a single-speed or fixed gear, Orbea knows that you may need a few more choices, especially if you live in an area of varying terrain. After all, having fun shouldn't always have to entail gear-crushing pedal stomping. Accordingly, Orbea used Shimano's Deore 1x drivetrain. This means that, while there's only a single 42t front chainring, the rear is a full 10-speed, 11-36t cassette. It's driven by a Prowheel Pioneer 242 crankset with VP-59 Trekking pedals. The rear derailleur and shifter are also Shimano Deore.

Even more eye-turning than the frame or the drivetrain are the disc brakes. Yes, you read that correctly, Formula RX disc brakes are used on the Carpe 20. Disc brakes broke into the mainstream of mountain-biking and cyclocross, and now that same level of quick, reliable stopping power is brought to the street. When we think about it, there's probably no place we'd like more braking control than when winding our way through traffic. The Orbea Disc 28" wheelset is wrapped with Vittoria Randoneur tires  with a 32mm-width. The wider tires give you a smooth ride, even over rough pavement.

Orbea finished out the build with a plethora of its proprietary components. An OC-1 Raised handlebar and matching OC-1 stem put you in a relaxed position ,perfect to stretch out on after being hunched over drop bars all week. The OC-1 seatpost features a Velo VL-1221 saddle for trip-worthy comfort.

The Orbea Carpe 20 Complete Road Bike is available in the color Red/black and in five sizes from 48 to 60cm.

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