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Intense Cycles Tracer 275C Pro Complete Mountain Bike Review

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review detail Intense Cycles Tracer 275C Pro Complete Mountain Bike

Intense Cycles Tracer 275C Pro Complete Mountain Bike

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If you're reading this, odds are that your idea of a killer ride involves pinning descents, roosting turns, and sprinting back up to do it again. Sound about right? Then the Intense Tracer 275 Carbon Pro Complete Mountain Bike is precisely what you've been looking for. Bred from the lineage that spawned not only the first downhill race bike that mattered, but a host of trail bikes that defined the genre, the Tracer Carbon will redefine what you mean when you say “shred.”

You probably already know about Intense's long history with American-made aluminum, so we'd forgive you if you had some questions regarding the Tracer’s carbon fiber construction. But Jeff Steber and company aren't the type to cut corners, so Intense brought in consultants from the composite wizards at SEED Engineering. We don't use the term "wizards" lightly, either, and the firm’s extensive experience in building carbon fiber structures was tapped to make the best possible use of the material. The Made in USA ethos still stands though, because all of the links and hardware are built in Temecula, alongside Intense's aluminum models. This ensures that your bike benefits from the best of modern composite construction and maintains the soul you'd expect from an Intense.

Both the front and rear triangles are constructed as a whole, rather than bonding them together from subassemblies. This construction method has been well-proven on Intense's Carbine models, but the Tracer employs a different blend of materials and a finely tuned layup that shave additional weight, while maintaining maximum strength. This keeps the frame weight at 5.3 pounds for a medium frame, while maintaining the strength and stiffness necessary for the most aggressive riders to keep it pinned in terrain that would have lesser bikes shaking in their boots.

To complement the Tracer Carbon's trail-devouring demeanor, Intense spec'd its Pro build kit with a RockShox suspension package, consisting of a Pike up front, and a Monarch Plus RC3 out back. This Enduro World Series-winning suspension package gives you suppleness and control that, until recently, was reserved for downhill race bikes, without adding unnecessary heft. The X01 one-by-eleven drivetrain maintains this approach — by shedding the front derailleur and still giving you the full gear range of a traditional double chainring setup. Stopping duties are handled by Shimano's proven XT brakes. The cockpit is similarly aggressive, with Renthal's Duo stem and Lite handlebars keeping you on your line, along with a RockShox Reverb Stealth seatpost, while the contact points, both saddle and grips, are Intense-branded items. It rolls on Stan's NoTubes Flow EX wheels, wrapped in Maxxis' renowned High Roller II tires. In case it wasn't obvious, this means that you can pull this machine out of the box and get straight to ripping, with zero upgrades necessary.

The Intense Tracer 275 Carbon Pro Complete Mountain Bike is available in three sizes from Small to Large and in the colors Black/red and Black/grey.

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