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Stromer ST-1 Platinum Women's Complete Electric Bike Review

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review detail Stromer ST-1 Platinum Women's Complete Electric Bike

Stromer ST-1 Platinum Women's Complete Electric Bike

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Commuting by bike is great—you get to breathe the fresh air, experience your locale outside the confinement of a car, and then there’s the sense of freedom. But let’s face it, it can be hard work, and not everyone wants to roll into work drenched in sweat, or have a coronary riding home from the grocery store. That’s why Stromer built the ST-1 Platinum Women’s Electric Bike. The electric-assist motor adds power to your pedal stroke, helping you zip around town without the struggle. And the upright, step-through frame is user friendly, and makes you more visible to traffic. If you’ve been looking for a viable alternative to a car, this could be precisely the answer you’ve been waiting for.

Stromer is an innovative Swiss company with five years dedicated to the e-bike and, now backed by BMC, they're making a push onto US soil. The ST-1 Platinum uses Stromer's smart modular design and is equipped with the ST522 Li-Ion 36V battery and Mountain 33 motor. This combination gives the ST-1 a range of 25 to 56 miles, a 20mph max speed, and close to 3/4 horsepower with 30ft/lbs of torque.

This is plenty to quickly knock out steep climbs, pull a kid trailer — or one loaded with a week's worth of groceries — without breaking a sweat in the heat of summer. The battery is fully integrated into the down tube and is easily removed with the press of a button. This convenient setup allows charging onboard or externally from the ST-1. To maximize range, the gearless 500-watt motor has efficient regenerative braking technology.

Through the programmable digital interface you can choose customizable settings and monitor ride information such as battery charge level, current speed, distance, and elapsed time. The intuitive interface also allows you to easily engage regenerative braking. For reliability, efficiency, and quiet operation, the ST-1's Mountain 33 rear-hub-located, direct-current motor uses a brushless design that rides on industrial ball bearings.

For components, the ST-1 uses Shimano Sora for the drivetrain, with a 30/39/50T FSA Tempo crankset and 11-32t cassette. Brakes are Magura's MT2 for excellent power and modulation, while Schwalbe Big Ben tires ensure a supple ride and positive traction on broken surfaces. A BMC carbon fork helps dampen vibration, while an alloy bar, stem, and seatpost help keep the Stromer ST-1 light and nimble.

The Stromer ST-1 Platinum Women’s Complete Electric Bike comes in a 16.5 frame size and in the colors White, Red, and Black.

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