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Ibis Ripley Special Blend Complete Mountain Bike Review

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review detail Ibis Ripley Special Blend Complete Mountain Bike

Ibis Ripley Special Blend Complete Mountain Bike

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If you want a killer bike at a wallet-friendly price, Ibis’ Special Blend offers value rarely rivaled in the world of mountain bikes, and the Ripley Special Blend Complete Mountain Bike upholds this tradition. In case you’re wondering, it’s the same Ripley frame that has had magazine reviewers and fast locals raving since it hit the scene, and it’s dressed in a worthy blend of X-Fusion, Shimano, and Stan’s NoTubes components. Time to see what all the fuss is about, without having to remortgage your house.

When designing the Ripley, Ibis once again handed the suspension design over to Dave Weagle. Yes, the same Dave that brought the DW-Link magic to the Mojo. This time around, though, suspension linkages were the focus of scrutiny, as they are a main contributor to elongated chainstays. Mr. DW had his work cut out for him if he was going to retain the lauded characteristics of his original design in a compact package. What he came up with is a twin-eccentric system that's optimized for 32-34t front chainrings. It provides the same anti-squat pedaling efficiency and active motion that initially crowned Weagle as the suspension guru.

While the eccentric pivot system seems complex on the surface, the reality is that the use of angular contact bearings and burly, yet decidedly lightweight, hardware makes it surprisingly simple in execution. The result is a durable system that uses standard bearings for serviceability. It's simple to disassemble and reassemble, with only a minute weight penalty. And while this is the first 29er Ibis, and the first to receive an eccentric suspension design, those aren't the only Ibis-firsts for the Ripley. Its carbon structure is also the first Ibis to use a micro balloon foam core.

Forming monocoque carbon fiber structures without voids requires molds, both internal and external. And like the Mojo SL-R, the Ripley uses an internal bladder in order to create a smooth, joint-free layup. But, in tighter areas, where complex shapes are required, it's impossible to use bladders. This was the case for the Ripley's swingarm uprights and clevis (the component connecting the swingarm to the shock). To solve this problem, most manufacturers will use either foam or aluminum for the structure that the carbon is laid over. This adds significant weight to a frame, and extra weight was not within the Ripley's design parameters. Ibis' solution to this problem, the micro-balloon or microsphere core, not only added strength and rigidity to the Ripley, but it also tipped the scale to half of what traditional foam cores would. This undoubtedly contributed to the Ripley's feathery five-pound weight.

Ibis’ Special Blend builds have long been revered for providing one of the very best dollar-to-shred ratios in the industry, and this year’s build is no exception. X-Fusion handles the suspension duties, with a Microlite rear shock and a Trace RL fork. While it’s a fairly new player in the suspension arena, X-Fusion has quickly proven itself a worthy contender by offering suspension components that easily rival much more expensive alternatives. The drivetrain and brakesets come from Shimano, with the value-packed Deore group doing most of the heavy lifting — the exception being a clutch-equipped SLX rear derailleur. The exception to the Shimano party is a Race Face Respond double chainring crankset. Ibis supplies the cockpit, and it rolls on a Stan's NoTubes Rapid wheelset, wrapped in Specialized tires.

The Ibis Ripley Special Blend Complete Mountain Bike is available in four sizes, from Small to X-Large, and in the colors Blue and Black/green.

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