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Pinarello Razha/Shimano 105 Complete Road Bike Review

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review detail Pinarello Razha/Shimano 105 Complete Road Bike

Pinarello Razha/Shimano 105 Complete Road Bike

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No one's going to argue that sports-car-like handling, the most advanced and exotic featherweight materials, as well as the utmost rigidity are ever undesirable traits in a race bike. But the reality is that not everybody is searching for a bicycle built solely to win the longest and hardest races in the world. Not only that, but the price tags that accompany these race machines come with quite the tug on the pocketbook. Pinarello knows this, as the Italian brand has built the bicycle that's propelled riders to victory in these prestigious races more than any other company in past couple of years. And so, while unwilling to compromise on quality, yet still knowing that cyclists want the same feeling and technology that goes into every top-end race frame, Pinarello's engineers developed the new Razha Shimano 105 Complete Road Bike for 2014.

Carrying over many of the same features found within its flagship road bikes, Pinarello's Razha/Shimano 105 Complete Bike was designed more for racers and cyclists who aren't necessarily pedaling a bicycle for a paycheck, yet who still demand the best technology available. To start, the Razha wears much of the asymmetrical shaping of its Dogma big brother. The tube shapes found on the Razha are strikingly similar, seeing as the research and development that went into creating the first and second edition Dogmas produced outstanding real-world race results.

With this much attention to the asymmetrical design aspects of the Razha, you could easily overlook it from a distance. Only when you're close enough to touch it will you really be able to discern the subtle differences. The left and right sides of the bike bear different tube shapes, as well as general section sizes. You're able to see these differences in the top tube, the fork legs, and in both the seatstays and chainstays. During the two years in which the original Dogma sat atop the Pinarello family of frames, Pinarello studied and restudied the forces in action as a rider sprints on the pedals, pulls on the handlebars, and muscles the bike through corners. FEA (finite element analysis) confirmed that the Dogma's asymmetrical design was beneficial in leveling the variances in frame deflection from one side to the other.

In addition to this, Pinarello addressed another area for potential improvement with the second iteration of the Dogma, which has also trickled into the Razha — the aerodynamics and stiffness of the front end of the bike. The Razha received a 1.5in lower headset bearing. This allows a larger diameter steerer tube at the fork crown. The resulting benefit for you is a boost in front end stiffness to give you more predictable braking and a more precise steering feel. Another part of the fork design includes smooth, aerodynamic fork legs and a sculpted crown that integrates seamlessly into the down tube.

The Razha relies on an advanced carbon material called 24HMUD — meaning that it's built to withstand 24 tons of pressure per square centimeter. While not quite as light and stiff as the carbon used in the Dogma line, 24HMUD is still exceptionally rigid, low in weight, and provides a smooth ride quality. Strong carbon, of course, allows for the use of less material as a whole, which results in keeping the overall weight as low as possible.

For the build of the Razha, Pinarello complemented its PressFit30 bottom bracket with a full Shimano 105 10-speed groupset. The machine includes Shimano's compact 50/34t crankset and a 11-25t cassette. At the cockpit, the build features a MOst Xylon PG handlebar and MOst 4B (four-bolt) stem, with a MOst Bobcat saddle perched atop the MOst C-Alu seatpost. In terms of wheels, the Razha rolls on a pair of the reliable Shimano WH-R 501 clinchers that have been wrapped with Vittoria's Zaffiro tires.

The Pinarello Razha Shimano 105 Complete Road Bike is available in the sizes 44, 47, 51.5, 53, 55, 57, and 59cm and in the colors Black/white, Black/orange fluo, and White/red.

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