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Ridley Noah - 2013/Shimano Ultegra 11 Complete Bike Review

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review detail Ridley Noah - 2013/Shimano Ultegra 11 Complete Bike

Ridley Noah - 2013/Shimano Ultegra 11 Complete Bike

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The less power you need to use to go a particular speed means that you won't run the risk of burning out as fast. Incorporating a number of Ridley's FAST Concept technologies, the Noah has been tested to reduce the required power input by up to 15 watts in a 50km/h (just over 30 mph) breakaway. This means you save energy so that you'll have enough in the tank to take the final sprint. 

Ridley's research and development on its flagship Noah go far beyond tube shapes and bike geometries. The latest generation of Ridley's groundbreaking Noah shares the same proven aerodynamic features as its earlier iterations — including an aerodynamic down tube, internal cable routing, an aero seat tube that extends into an integrated seatmast, and a deep rear wheel cut-out. What sets the Noah apart from other aero bikes is its use of Ridley's FAST Concept technology. FAST Concept technology focuses on specific issues of bicycle aerodynamics. For example, according to Ridley, your wheels produce eight times more drag where they pass through your fork due to the turbulence of the colliding air masses there. The Noah was built to minimize this drag with its use of long, slotted airfoils built into the fork legs, referred to as "F-Splitfork" by Ridley. These airfoils redirect oncoming air away from the turbulent areas near the front wheel.

Where structural limitations kept it from re-sculpting the frame, Ridley applied a textured surface treatment for boundary layer control. Ridley calls it "F-Surface," also affectionately referred to as "aero paint." These thin strips of texture are amazing: they purposely trigger a known amount of turbulence that re-energizes lost boundary layers, ultimately re-establishing laminar flow and minimizing drag.

The Ridley Noah was built up with a full groupset of Shimano Ultegra components. Ultegra, a step under Dura-Ace, benefits from the trickle-down effect. Whenever an upgrade is made to Dura-Ace, Ultegra receives the previous technology. Sometimes called the workhorse of the Shimano line, Ultegra also features less carbon in its construction so that it is more durable. Shifters, Brakes, and the entire drivetrain are Ultegra 6800 11-speed. For the cockpit, Zipp Service Course handlebars and stem have been used, and you'll sit comfortably on a Fi'zi:k Aliante saddle. Finishing off the build are HED Ardennes LT plus wheels with Micheliin Pro4 tires.

The Ridley Noah - 2013/Shimano Ultegra 11 Complete Bike  is available in four sizes from X-Small to Large and in the colors Black/white/green and White/black. Given its semi-compact geometry, we strongly suggest that you focus on the effective top tube length as you make a determination of the proper size. It includes a 120 gram seat clamp assembly that allows an 18mm range in saddle height and comes with 1mm micro-spacers for small adjustments. Ridley also provides an aftermarket clamp that provides 40mm of height adjustment.

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